Wednesday, June 16, 2010


For film aficionados, a series of short films by local filmmakers will be screened in the comfort of Galway's most popular art bar. Bar 8, Wednesday 8pm. Free

-Big Fish, Galway Falafel Experience and The Hussei Brothers by David Solus
-A Tribute to Breda Lewis by Margaretta D'Arcy and Finn Arden:
A moving documentary in her own words and music about a local Galway musician who died in 2009
-Knitting For Peace by Finn Arden:
Nollaig na nBan 6th January: in sub-zero conditions, women (and some men) kept alive the tradition of the Shannon Airport Women's Peace Camp as they held a Knit-For-Peace vigil in protest at the invasion of Gaza.
-Frog Man by Eoin Kenny
-Moustache by Tomás Seoighe (Little Warrior Films)
Followed by Festival Club with DJs and special guests

Knitting For Peace

A Tribute to Breda Lewis

Two documentaries, Mike Casey's Clown Around Lesotho and Dieter Auner's Leaving Transylvania, will be shown in Busker Browne's on Monday at 8pm. Free

Clown Around Lesotho follows three clowns from Clowns Without Borders Ireland, including Galway's Jonathan Gunning, as they travel across the HIV-ravaged Kingdom of Lesotho, performing to thousands of children.

Leaving Transylvania documents the exodus of the Transylvanian Saxons from Romania in the early 90s, an emigration that wiped out villages and endangered the 8oo years old cultural heritage. The film shows the disorientation of elderly Saxon couples from the village Arbegen, charging this documentary with intense emotion and bringing a little-known story to life.

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