Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 3 -Monday, June 28

2-7pm, The Grey Basement, Niland House, Merchants Road: Video installation by Michal Ratajczak and sand sculpture by Janos Szecsi (Mon-Fri 2-7pm) Free

, Monroe's: Galway artist Stephanie González will perform Plastic Age, a piece which explores consumerism in a contemporary world of fake ideals. Using a collaboration of different media, this visual performance identifies how human nature has become dislodged and transformed into a paradise of contentment for material dominance. (Mon-Fri 6pm) 5 euro
Plastic Age

7.30pm, Kelly's: Colours the Opera by COLOURS Street Theatre Company. Eight performers engage in a theatrical performance to show how people can evolve using colours to identify birth, life, death and resurrection. We will invigorate your sense of imagination and enhance the notion that we are all connected! COLOURS the Opera debuted to great acclaim at this year's Múscailt arts festival at NUI Galway. (Mon & Tue 7.30pm) 3 euro

8pm, Busker Browne's: Two documentaries, Mike Casey's Clown Around Lesotho and Dieter Auner's Leaving Transylvania, will be shown in Busker Browne's. Free

Clown Around Lesotho
follows three clowns from Clowns Without Borders Ireland, including Galway's Jonathan Gunning, as they travel across the HIV-ravaged Kingdom of Lesotho, performing to thousands of children.

Leaving Transylvania documents the exodus of the Transylvanian Saxons from Romania in the early 90s, an emigration that wiped out villages and endangered the 8oo years old cultural heritage. The film shows the disorientation of elderly Saxon couples from the village Arbegen, charging this documentary with intense emotion and bringing a little-known story to life.

8.30pm, Bank of Ireland Theatre, NUI Galway: The Company presents its play Duael. "One Room, One War, Two Soldiers. One Empire dying, One Empire rising. When all is said and done, what's done is done". (Mon-Wed 8.30pm) 5 euro

9.30pm, Bar 8: Festival Club with DJs and special guests (Sat-Thur 9.30pm) Free

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