Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 7 -Friday, July 2

1pm, Bank of Ireland Theatre, NUI Galway: Sorcas Quircas -an interactive experience for all ages. Pipa the cleaning woman gets a job in the circus. But oh no! Too many toys to play with, too much fun to have! Will the job ever get done? Sorcas Quircas invites the audience to be part of Pipa's journey through the world of circus... and maybe even become a circus performer themselves. 5 euro

The Grey Basement, Niland House, Merchants Road: Video installation by Michal Ratajczak and sand sculpture by Janos Szecsi. (Mon-Fri 2-7pm) Free

Bank of Ireland Theatre, NUI Galway: Noir et Blanc Theatre presents a surprise Puppet Show for the whole family! Duration: 25min (Thur&Fri 6pm) 3 euro CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS. APOLOGIES

, Bank of Ireland Theatre, NUI Galway: Galway artist Stephanie González will perform Plastic Age, a piece which explores consumerism in a contemporary world of fake ideals. Using a collaboration of different medias, this visual performance identifies how human nature has become dislodged and transformed into a paradise of contentment for material dominance. (Thur&Fri 6pm) 5 euro

8pm, Bar 8: COLOURS's third Black-&-White Ball will round off the FringeFestival in style. Booking required. Call 086 4017331. Dress code: formal -women in white, men in black! Dinner 25 euro per person.

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